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Store Jobs

Opportunity 1

Job Id: BRL- SHRM - 05

Job Title:Store HR Manager - People

Experience Required:2 -4 years

Education: Masters Degree in Human Resources / Business Management

Location: Pan India

Job Description:1.80% of the Job is the Role of Business Partner, providing people solutions, as under:

Manpower Cost Attrition solutions Career Culture Coaching, Training Performance management Engagement Start-up Hiring Will support the 25-30 strong management team in the geography of Store Managers, Department Managers and Team Leaders

2.10% of the Job is the Role of Process Compliance, as under
Working with the management team to ensure compliance of basic people processes

Grooming and Uniform
Coaching Logs
Huddle Boards
Attendance and Overstay control

3. 10% of the Job is the Role of Managing Exceptional Situations, as under:

Performance issues
Integrity issues
Managing situations in 150-200 strong workforce

Travel Required 30% of time



Opportunity 2

Job Id: BRL- SM-04

Job Title:Store Manager - Operations

Experience Required:7 - 15 Years

Education: Minimum Graduate

Location : Pan India

Job Description:1. Operations :- Implements and enforces all company policies / statutory requirements and ensures that all associates do the same as well, Manages inventory, shrinkage etc and ensures that shrinkage issues are appropriately addressed , Manages all store reports, documentation etc as required by the organization / government are maintained as per requirements , Reviews and analyses business / financial reports , Analyses past P&L performances and develop monthly, quarterly and annual budgets for the facility, Ensure risk control measures are met, Ensures cleanliness and safety of displays, Control costs, Maintain security of store and safety of associates.

2. People Management :- Be a role model, living the values of the organisation and implement the store code of conduct ,Create a positive, productive, engaging environment for associates, Recruits store team members, Communicates organisation / facility direction to all associates at various forums about facility performance, current plans and actions to be taken to meet business goals, Manages and measures work of all direct reports, Creates an environment that supports reward and recognition mechanisms to function appropriately. Displays managerial courage on disciplinary issues and ensures all processes and documentation are completed for dealing with misconduct, Ensure all people processes (e.g. PMS, ORP etc) are being implemented in the right spirit, as per timelines with appropriate follow up actions, Coach, mentor and develop the store teams Evaluates results of Gallup survey, formulates action plans with store teams and anchors execution of all such plans Monitor turnover levels and initiate appropriate action to increase retention

3. Merchandising:- Conduct daily tour of the store to visually scan all departments to verify that merchandise is in-stock, appropriately signed and the departments are fully stocked, neat, clean and organised, Monitor the backroom to ensure that merchandise is appropriately received and safely organised by associates, Analyse reports to monitor inventory levels, Identifies merchandise to be moved to the sales floor to ensure proper levels of in-stock and to make room for newly arriving merchandise , Ensure quality and freshness of merchandise by education, informing and supervisory positions to review, identify and remove damaged merchandise, Make necessary system adjustments to deal with low, out-of-stock and over stocked merchandise, Evaluates the sales and profit performance of products to develop and implement appropriate action plans to improve sales ,Directs department managers in adjusting inventory, changing displays and repositioning merchandise to improve sales